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Why is My Air Conditioner Condenser Freezing Up?

Running an air conditioner with frozen coils can result in significant damage to the unit.  Compressor damage, blower damage or even damage to your property can result from running your a/c in frozen condition. The blower fan will work too hard to pull air through the iced up coil and cause overheating. Meanwhile, the compressor never cycles off and becomes overstressed.  Replacing a compressor or blower are expensive services that can be avoided. 

There are a few primary causes for freeze ups.  The first is limited air flow which is usually caused by one of three factors.  Dirty air filters will limit the flow of air through the equipment.  Closed air registers are another cause of reduced air flow.  If your blower fan is not operating properly, or the fan is dirty, then those conditions too will impede air flow. 

When we perform a regular maintenance service, one of the items we check is the level of refrigerant in the system.  If the refrigerant level is too low, then the coils will become too cold and start to ice up.  Low levels of refrigerant are typically caused by a leak in the system which must be sealed. 

If you are running your AC system when the outside air is cooler than 62 degrees Fahrenheit, then icing can occur.  This is because the pressure inside of the system drops and results in a freeze up.

Other mechanical issues such as a blower fan that doesn’t run or is unbalanced can trigger condenser line freezing.  We will also check to make sure there are no kinks in your coolant lines which will also cause freeze ups.

Your air conditioning condenser just requires basic maintenance to keep it running at its most efficient.  We recommend regular central air conditioning servicing, at least once before the warm weather arrives, to prevent an emergency breakdown of your cooling system.  Give us a call for preseason maintenance or any time your air conditioning system isn’t working the way it should.