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What Does an Air Conditioning Service Include?

Here in New Jersey, one day it can be 40 degrees and rainy and the next day it can get into the 80s and 90s.  Because of our wide temperature ranges in the spring and early summer, we recommend that you have your air conditioning system inspected and serviced once before air conditioning season.

Our technicians will check your motor and blower to make sure that they will operate that first time you turn on your system each year.  This will ensure that you will receive proper air flow through your registers.

Of course, we will also check the refrigerant level and make sure there are no leaks in any of the lines.  We also want to make sure that there are no oil leaks or air leaks from the suction line.  All fittings will be checked and tightened if necessary.  Any wear and tear on lines can lead to leaks and problems down the road so we take great care when inspecting these.

We also check your coils and clean them if necessary.  Most evaporator and condenser coils pick up dirt over the winter and dirty coils mean that your unit will not operate as efficiently and you will waste energy dollars.

A thorough inspection of the operating pressures and all connections is included in our multi-point inspection service.  We also make sure that the temperature you select on your thermostat will be the temperature you will receive from your equipment.  Checking and calibrating all components ensures that you will be satisfied with the temperature and comfort level your equipment provides.

Our crew will also lubricate all the moving parts to avoid friction.  Friction increases energy costs and can lead to parts failure and replacement.

An important component of our inspection includes checking electrical connections both at the disconnect box and on the condenser unit itself.  Burned or pitted contacts lead to unsafe operation of your air conditioning system.

While we are onsite, we will also check your ductwork for any leaks that could be causing a reduction of air flow to your registers.

Any time is a good time to have us go over your air conditioning system.  The adjustments we make more than pay for themselves with a more efficient running system which can lead to lower energy costs.