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Spring Air Conditioning Tune Up

Winters can be long and hard on your outdoor air conditioning units.  When you call us for an air conditioning tune up in the spring, we follow our standard procedures for making sure your system will work perfectly the first time you turn it on.

We begin by examining the connections between your unit and the house to make sure that they haven’t become damaged or disconnected.  This includes the electrical disconnect and its box and fuses.  We check to make sure that nothing has nested inside the box and that the fuses are in proper working order.  There is also an electric whip that connects the condenser which is checked.

There are two other pipes that come out of your home and connect to the condenser.  The larger of the two should have insulation around it.  This is one area that really deteriorates in the elements and if so, then the insulation needs to be replaced on this larger pipe.  The smaller pipe sends cooled refrigerant back into the house and that pipe should not be insulated together with the larger pipe because the larger pipe is directing the warm air from inside the building outside.

The next thing we check is the outside of the unit.  A few bent fins aren’t usually an issue.  But if you have a majority of bent fins, then you might need a new condenser. 

To improve the efficiency of your unit, and save you energy dollars, we clean the fins with water to remove debris and dust from them.

Inside, we check your filters.  When you change from heating to cooling, you should change your filter.  A dirty filter can cause your cooling coil to freeze and stop your a/c from working.  At a minimum, a dirty filter makes your system work harder and use more energy to do its job.

We also check and adjust your humidification system for summer use.

Next we balance your ducts to make sure that the dampers are in their proper position for cooling your home in the summer.  This will make sure you get the maximum amount of cooling where you really want it during hot weather.

We also check the temperatures that you are actually receiving from your registers in terms of volume of air flow and the difference in ambient temperature between the room temperature and the register temperature.  This tells us if there is a leak in coolant in your system and we can suggest the appropriate charging repairs to your air conditioner to achieve the greatest amount of comfort.

We advise a preseason air conditioning system check not only to ensure that it works when you need it, but we also advise it to make sure you are not wasting your energy dollars on an inefficient system. Call Celestial Air today to schedule your spring tune up!