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Monitoring Your Indoor Air Quality

Have you stopped to consider that the quality of air inside your home might be worse than it is outside in New Jersey?  Spending more time indoors during the winter can intensify the effects of bad indoor air quality.  The health of your family is dramatically impacted because they breathe that poor quality air for most of the day.

Should you have any questions about your indoor air quality, have it tested.  Poor air quality will especially affect those that suffer from allergies, have asthma or have a cold.  Before you call for an air quality assessment, here are some signs that you need to seriously address the quality of your indoor air.

  1.  Excessive condensation is a sign that air circulation is poor leading to poor indoor air.  Excess humidity leads to mold formation and that leads to air quality problems.  Check around windows and doors, too, for moisture that is caused by leaks.
  2. Apart from allergy season, increased coughing and sneezing symptoms that intensify indoors is a sure sign that air quality is poor.  This could be due to mold formation as well as an hvac system that is not properly filtering air.
  3. Changing the air filters in your home is a good practice.  But if you notice that your air filters are heavily clogged with debris, you probably have an air quality issue.  Even if you have pets, the air filters should not be debris-laden. 
  4. Dirty ductwork is one indication that contaminants and pollutants are being recirculated throughout your home.  A whole home air purification system will clean the air for you and have a 99% efficiently level for removing contaminants.
  5. Foul smells and stuffy air are another sign that you are breathing unhealthy air.  If the smell is coming from mold formation, have the mold remediated and the cause of the mold eradicated. 
  6. Excessive headaches can be caused by poor and even dangerous air quality.  Carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by an odorless gas that comes from burning fuels such as natural gas or propane.  If headaches occur mostly when you are home, you should have your home tested for carbon monoxide right away.

Indoor air quality is important to you and your family’s health.  Celestial Air can help with air filtration, duct work and carbon monoxide detectors as well as making sure the air you breathe indoors is as clean as possible.  Call us for an indoor air quality assessment today.