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Celestial Air is a NATE certified full service HVAC company located in New Jersey and New York. We have over 25 years of experience in plumbing, heating and air conditioning for both residential and commercial properties.

About Us

{Ever since|Since} {we opened our doors|our founding} more than {a quarter century|25 years ago}, Celestial Air has {consistently delivered the|been at the forefront of delivering} premier {air conditioning and heating|heating and air conditioning} services {thru out|throughout} the {entire|}state of New Jersey. Our {pledge|commitment} to customer satisfaction is {well-known|unsurpassed|uncommon} in our area. You can {depend|count} on us to {offer|give} you the {personalized|individualized} attention and {customized|tailored-to-you} service that you expect from {us|NJ’s top rated HVAC company}. {All of our technicians are|Every one of our technicians is} fully {factory-|}trained and have the latest {electronic and diagnostic|diagnostic} equipment in order to {correctly|properly} {evaluate|assess} your HVAC {problem|issue} and {swiftly|quickly} {perform|execute} the perfect {repair|fix} for the trouble. Our {#1|} goal is to {restore you|get you back} to comfortable living as {soon|quickly} as possible, for a {reasonable|fair} and affordable price. Our {highly|top} rated {air conditioning and heating|heating and air conditioning} service is just a {telephone|phone} call away – even for {24/7} emergency services.Your {total|complete} satisfaction is our {pledge|promise} and our guarantee.

We have a team of certified and licensed professionals who can address your concerns any time and within the hour.

If you have any problems in the HVAC system in your home or business, such as any boiler, furnace, or air conditioning unit, Celestial Air does more than just fix the problem we offer preventative tips and precautions to avoid future equipment failure. We offer annual system maintenance which is ideal to having your furnace or air conditioning system last past its life expectancy. We address all small and big HVAC issues and malfunctions and give you instant service. We are experts in making sure all your hot and cold air units work properly and efficiently.

At Celestial Air, we are professionals and we are reliable and we bring peace of mind to our clients in and around New Jersey and New York. We work around the clock and therefore, our clients can expect our services at any time.

Get discounts on every installation and repair service from Celestial Air, and save your money.

When your {air conditioning or heat|heat or air conditioning} is {malfunctioning|not working}, your {inside air|indoor climate} can {get|become} uncomfortable {very quickly|quickly}. Having {multiple|several} {offices|locations} {in|throughout} New Jersey helps us {get to you|arrive at your lcoation} quickly if you have an {emergency repair|emergency} or {if you|} need your heat or air conditioning back on {right away|as soon as possible}.{Regardless of|No matter} {which|what} {kind|type} of {heating system|heat} you have (oil forced air, gas forced air, electric, radiator, radiant, baseboard, heat pump or boiler), we have {decades of|extensive} experience not only with the installation of|installing} these systems, but {repairing|servicing|fixing} them. {Celestial’s|Our} furnace repair and maintenance service {makes sure|ensures} that when your thermostat {requests|calls for} heat, it will be {sent|delivered} to you.We do {it all|everything} from {replacing|changing} {air handler|furnace} filters {to|all the way to} installing {brand|} new, energy efficient {HVAC|} systems to {switching out|replacing} systems that have {failed|worn out} or are {wasting|using} too much energy.We are also {highly experienced|experts} in ductless air handling systems or mini split systems. These {systems|} are {perfect|ideal} for {remodeled|add-on} spaces such as {enclosed|former} porches, attics or {attached|} garages that have been converted to {4-|four} season living spaces. They can {replace|substitute for} a central HVAC system for {spaces|rooms} that are not {connected to|a part of} your current {HVAC|} system.When you are {searching for|looking for} a heating and {A/C|air conditioning} contractor, look no {further|farther} than Celestial Air. We {take your calls|are available} 24/7 for furnace and air conditioner repair for homes or commercial {businesses|establishments}. We are authorized dealers and service technicians for {the following|these} company’s products:Lennox, Trane, Rheem, Amana, Goodman, Thermoflo, Carrier, Weil-McLain, Ruud, Williamsonand {many|} more.The {most reliable|best} {safeguard|prevention} against {experiencing|having} a heating or cooling {breakdown|failure} is {yearly|annual} maintenance {for|of} your {HVAC|} system. {Prior to the beginning of the season|Before the season begins}, {call us|give us a call} and we will {service|inspect} your furnace, boiler or air conditioning system to {ensure|make sure} that it works the first time you turn it on.


If you have an emergency with your Air Conditioning, Heating or Plumbing, simply call our 24 hour emergency hotlines.  We specialize in Heat Pumps.