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Home Humidification

There are several types of home humidifiers that are sold today. Each has a goal of adding moisture to the air. At this time of year, when the weather starts getting cooler, it is especially important to consider humidifying your home for your comfort and your health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Low humidity can cause dry skin, irritate your nasal passages and throat, and make your eyes itchy. High humidity can make your home feel stuffy and can cause condensation on walls, floors and other surfaces that triggers the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites and molds. These allergens can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergy and asthma flare-ups.”

The first type of humidifier is a steam humidifier. These portable, stand alone units boil water to produce steam which is then pushed into a room. They are particularly helpful for those people that have lung and respiratory congestion. They can also be used to deliver medications through the steam vapor. Their major drawbacks are that the steam can burn and this type of unit should be kept away from children and the warm water can produce bacteria so they need to be kept clean.

A cool mist humidifier takes on many forms including the most popular which is an ultrasonic humidfier. The unit works by using high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to evaporate the water into a mist. This type of unit is typically cheaper to run since it does not use energy to heat the water.

Many homeowners choose to have a central humidifier installed in their central HVAC system. This is an ideal solution to keep the humidity throughout your home at the recommended 30 to 50 percent level constantly. This type of humidifier automatically delivers the exact humidity level you desire and requires professional installation in your ductwork.

Celestial Air can add central humidification to your New Jersey home before the weather gets colder and the air becomes dry. Give us a call for a quote for whole home humidification from one of our premier manufacturers.