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Heater System Maintenance

Celestial Air professionals are all licensed and NATE certified. We make sure that all heat systems and air units deliver at optimum performance level. To achieve this all home and business owners must have regular system check-ups and maintenance.

This is required to have all your heating systems last for their full expectancy and always work properly. In the end you can save a lot of money and headaches by having yearly furnace and boiler maintenance. Our specialists are here to handle these tasks for you by providing thorough checks of your system and perform the required upkeep to ensure that your heating system runs at its best.

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If you have an emergency with your Air Conditioning, Heating or Plumbing, simply call our 24 hour emergency hotlines.  We specialize in Heat Pumps.

No Heat or a low amount of Heat

Just like you maintain your car you must maintain your heat system and air units to ensure optimal performance every year.

Importance in Regular Maintenance of Home Heating Systems

  • Regular Preventative maintenance increases the life of your system.
  • Annual maintenance can detect faulty safety devices or parts.
  • Upgrading to newer economical models will help you save hundreds every year.
  • Savings of up to 60% in efficiency can be attained by a professional cleaning and adjustment and help save on utility costs. Routine cleaning and adjustments are required by all heating manufacturers of your equipment, and it is also recommended by your utility supplier.