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Choosing the Right Sized Air Conditioning Unit

When deciding on a new air conditioning system for your home or business property, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the different options that exist.  Coupled with all the different make and model options is where to buy your air conditioning replacement system.  It is enough to intimidate anyone who doesn’t do this all the time.

To help you navigate A/C replacement, we’ve compiled some tips on air conditioning sizes so that you will have the right information about one of the most important factors.

Air Conditioning Size Really Does Matter

The correct size air conditioner will cool your home effectively and efficiently, while a system that is too small or too big will not.

A too small system will run all the time, never quite cooling your house down enough. This will result in higher energy bills.  On the other hand, a too large system will constantly turn off and on because the thermostat senses the cool blasts of air and shuts off.  Your system never achieves consistent cool temperatures throughout your spaces.

Calculating Size

The size of an air conditioning system is measured in tons. In this context, tons mean 12,000 BTUs cooling ability per hour.  A 4-ton unit has the capacity to cool 48,000 BTUs per hour.  This ton calculation compared with the square footage of a house or building is how to select the right sized air conditioner replacement unit.

Armed with this information, and with help from Celestial Air’s technicians, we can help you pick the right system.  There are other considerations than size to take into account when selecting a new system and there are other calculations which are a bit more complicated than the rules of thumb outlined above.  Factors such as number of people, number of windows and doors and insulation levels should be included in any unit size determination.

A properly sized air conditioning unit will assure you that you can reach and maintain your desired temperature and level of comfort without wasting energy.  Let our experts help you find the most economical and efficient air conditioner replacement.