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Checking Your Flue

Your home’s furnace burns gas or oil to keep your home warm during New Jersey’s cold winters. Burning either of these fuels produces gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. To keep you and your home safe, these gases must be vented to the outside.

Many New Jersey homes have a flue pipe that goes from the furnace up to the roof. This pipe can be located inside a chimney or routed independently through walls.

Any blockage or leaks due to a damaged flue pipe will allow these gases to enter your home causing serious, even deadly, health consequences. A process known as backdrafting will also cause gases to re-enter your home. Backdrafting occurs when the furnace cannot get enough air from safe sources and it pulls air from the flue.

Before cold weather sets in, you should check your furnace flue for any signs of deterioration, corrosion, soot, stains, loose joints, holes and any obstructions. You should also check to make sure your flue cap is intact so that no debris can enter the flue from above and create a blockage.

When you schedule a furnace maintenance service with Celestial Air, our technician will inspect your flue for damage or leaks. He or she will also measure flue gases to make sure no harmful gases are accumulating there. We will also inspect and clean all parts of your furnace so you can depend on your HVAC system all winter long.