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Beyond Comfort

When we consider keeping our home comfy this season we, for the most part, think about our heating system. But is it as simple as that? Here are a few things that can support your HVAC system to help ensure your home is more than just comfortable- it’s optimal.

Programmable Thermostats

Upgrading your thermostats to one of the new programmable models will give you total control of your temperature environment. Keep temperatures lower when you are not at home or on vacation. Start to warm up your home an hour before you’re expected home. The result of this programmability is a significant savings both in fuel and in money. Internet-enabled thermostats make it possible to adjust your indoor temperature from work or anywhere you can get an Internet connection. While both options are easy to use, our technicians will take the time to walk you through the use of your new thermostat after installation.

Humidistats, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

The amount of humidity in your indoor air has a lot to do with your level of comfort inside. Summer or winter, achieving the optimal level of humidity with a humidifier or dehumidifier has its advantages. Too humid conditions contribute to allergies and respiratory problems from mold growth. Controlling the humidity level will control the spread of these microorganisms and helps improve air quality. During dry winter weather, wood surfaces benefit from the right level of humidity and this includes floors, furniture, woodwork and cabinetry.

Air Quality

The benefits of air cleaners and air purifiers cannot be underestimated. Getting rid of dirt, dust, allergens, pet dander and pet hair improves air quality and ensures that your home is cleaner. Cleaner air is better for indivuduals with allergies, asthma and other medical issues. An air cleaning unit integrated into your HVAC system will clean your air 24/7. Elecronic air cleaners can also trap and kill microorganisms as it cleans the air. Consider, too, the installation of UV lights inside of your ductwork. UV lights can kill mold and other microorganisms that nestle into the ductwork and get distributed to the rest of your home through the ducts.

You can get better than comfortable in your home, you can achieve an optimal indoor environment that is beyond comfort.