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How Much Does it Cost to Have an AC Unit Serviced?

The cost of an air conditioning system service depends on the equipment you have, what is wrong with it, the total labor repair time and the parts that are needed to perform the service.  (Note: Some contractors will charge you a travel time upcharge.  Since we have several service locations close to you, we do … Read more

Air Conditioner Repair

  An efficient air conditioning system is essential for every New Jersey home and business owner.  It can get hot and humid in our area of the country and without air conditioning, you get uncomfortable pretty fast.  Not only are you uncomfortable, but your indoor air quality can become unhealthy.  Your indoor air can suffer … Read more

What Causes a Furnace Blower to Stop Working?

It’s winter.  Inside it should be warm, but you feel chilly.  Then you notice that there is no sound coming from your furnace and realize that your system’s blower has stopped working.  No blower means no warm air is being delivered through your vents to your rooms and it is getting colder by the hour. … Read more

Is Oil to Gas Conversion Worth It?

Why Should I Change to Natural Gas? Lots of homeowners are converting their heating systems from oil to natural gas. In New Jersey, natural gas is the preferred fuel choice for many reasons including cost, efficiency and cleanliness. Celestial Air understands that the conversion process is thought to be complicated process, and we want you … Read more