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Air Conditioner Repair


An efficient air conditioning system is essential for every New Jersey home and business owner.  It can get hot and humid in our area of the country and without air conditioning, you get uncomfortable pretty fast.  Not only are you uncomfortable, but your indoor air quality can become unhealthy.  Your indoor air can suffer from high humidity, pollens and allergens – all of which can be addressed with an efficiently functioning central air conditioning system.

Most air conditioner problems result in either no cool air or a very low amount of air cooling.  So, on a hot day when your thermostat is set to 72° F and it still feels warm and sticky indoors you are either not getting any cool air at all, or the amount of cool air you are getting isn’t sufficient to cool your rooms adequately. 

There are a lot of DIY projects that you can do at home safely and inexpensively.  Most of the time, however, an air conditioner repair needs a well-trained professional to diagnose and fix the issue.  A/C fixes involve electricity, circuitry, mechanical parts and a host of other technical systems and parts.  You could spend hours watching videos or reading DIY manuals only to discover that you have wasted 4 hours of your time and still are no cooler than you were four hours before.  Add to that frustration, you have to go to a home improvement store, buy the correct parts for the repair and trust that the aproned-employee at the big box store is familiar with your air conditioning system’s exact model and its parts requirements.  And that assumes they have the parts in stock to fix your problem. 

This is one example of why it is best to call Celestial Air for your air conditioning system service and repairs.  Not only are we familiar with your exact make and model of air conditioning system, but we are also factory-trained to diagnose any issues as quickly as possible.  Once we know what the problem is, we can perform the right repair in the least amount of time.

We are also happy to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance for you prior to the warm weather season to ensure that your unit is in tip-top shape before that first really hot day.  If anything has gone wrong with your system over the winter, we can catch these problems before they interfere with your indoor air quality and temperature.   Cleaning your air filters, checking your condenser coils, checking on your blowers and motors are all part of our top to bottom air conditioning maintenance service throughout New Jersey.

Give us a call today for emergency repairs as well as annual maintenance.  We guarantee our work and look forward to helping you stay cool during the most sweltering days of summer.